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Japanese Boat SHowing the (New) Way

For Bengal II, the 41st Transpacific Yacht Race is just a way of island-hopping home. The Japanese entry sailed all the way across the Pacific to start the race and now is leading the way back along a risky route that has brought it nearer Hawaii than any of the other 24 boats in the four racing divisions

So where do we want to sail tomorrow?

Since yesterday, Pegasus gained slightly on the our three competitors: Pyewacket, Chance and Merlin. Pegasus continues to lead our class in the standings. However, we are all in close proximity to one another and any of the boats could end-up winning this race. It’s of course nice to be in the lead, but this is…

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Fast, windy, cold and wet night #2

Date 07/03/01 Lat 30 05 North Lon 125 14 West Course over ground: 240 Degrees Speed over ground: 14 knots Wind speed: 17 knots Wind direction: 350 degrees A beautiful night of sailing, but a wet, windy and cold one. Just what night #2 of Transpac is supposed to be: Full foul weather gear and…

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Shanakee II First in Luxury – and Looking to Finish First

Thanks to a six-day headstart, a new 75-foot sloop with all the comforts of many homes apparently will be the first boat to finish the 41st Transpacific Yacht Race to Hawaii. Housing developer Jim Warmington’s Shanakee II, a David Pedrick design, started June 25 with the Aloha Division and flew past the two-thirds mark Tuesday after reporting a position only 809 nautical miles from Honolulu.

First Night at Sea

Date 07/02/01 Lat 32 30 North Lon 120 26 West Course over ground: 230 Degrees Speed over ground: 11 knots Wind Speed: 12 knots First night at sea and the race starts again! As the sun came down we headed almost straight for Honolulu on a course of 220 degrees magnetic. The wind was where…

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Rub-a-Dub-Dub, Three Boats in a Tub

When the sun broke over the western Pacific Monday morning the crews of Pegasus, Chance and Pyewacket looked out on tranquil seas and saw . . . Pegasus, Chance and Pyewacket. The three super sleds were within three miles of one another virtually drifting in winds too light for stretching their legs or even dreaming of setting a record in the 41st Transpacific Yacht Race.

The start, part II

Date 07/01/01 Lat 33 31 North Lon 118 45 West Course over ground: 185 Degrees Speed over ground: 4.75 knots Wind Speed: 5 knots The starting line and around Catalina Island: The prevailing wind regime offshore, away from the land, will be North Westerly winds at about 300 degrees magnetic. However around the LA Basin…

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The Start, part I

Our Starting line is just off San Pedro in the port district of Los Angeles. Then we must leave the Santa Catalina to port (left side). After that, its free-style to Honolulu, we get to pick our course. Of course the shortest distance to Honolulu is a great circle. And every year a couple of…

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Saturday June 30th: Weather update

We have a 1024mb high pressure near 32n/131w this morning, Saturday the 30th, with the high weakening some during the next 24 hours as we prepare for our race. We, of course would very much like to have a strong, well formed high for a fast race. For the start of the race, tomorrow, we…

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