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Pegasus Wins Barn Door, One Hour Ahead of Pyewacket

HONOLULU – Philippe Kahn, a, French-born software developer from Santa Cruz, Calif., Monday won it on his second try when he sailed his 75-foot ultralight sloop Pegasus past the finish line off Diamond Head after 8 days 2 hours 34 minutes 3 seconds. Pegasus was an hour and three minutes ahead of Disney’s Pyewacket to climax an epochal three-way battle across 2,225 nautical miles from Los Angeles that also included Bob McNulty’s boat Chance.

Pegasus Flying Towards the Barn

HONOLULU – Pegasus increased its lead on Pyewacket over Sunday night and was 16 miles ahead with 92 miles to go at Monday morning’s roll call in the 41st Transpacific Yacht Race.

Light and Hot

For the last 5 hours its been light and hot. Real light. And that is nerve racking because we’re all thinking: “If the Pyewacket guys have 5 knots more wind than we do, we could see our lead evaporate”. There is not much that we can do but to rest the team, sail fast and…

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The morning after the squalls

Date 07/08/01 Lat 24 21 North Lon 152 03 West Course over ground: 220 Degrees Speed over ground: 12.5 knots Wind speed: 18 knots Wind direction: 079 degrees Team Pegasus battled squalls all night, making endless spinnaker, jib-top, stay sail changes. After seven days of hard racing this was a heroic effort. When we lost…

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No One Asleep on the Deep on Final Night

HONOLULU – There was little change in their relative positions through the day Sunday as Pegasus, Pyewacket and Chance answered evening roll call and sailed into their final sleepless night of the 41st Transpacific Yacht Race to Hawaii.

Three-Way Sprint to a Possible Sweep

Break out the brooms. The tactical pas de trois among Pegasus, Pyewacket and Chance in the 41st Transpacific Yacht Race has taken off into a headlong sprint to the finish and a possible rare sweep for the winner.

Haleakala in sight!

Date 07/09/01 Lat 21 58 North Lon 156 27 West Course over ground: 264 Degrees Speed over ground: 14 knots Wind speed: 19 knots Wind direction: 096 degrees Towering at 10,000 ft the Haleakala volcano situated on Maui is the first majestic landmark that we sight. You can see and accumulation of clouds with the…

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Betting on ETAs

500 Miles out as customary on-board Pegasus we started a betting pool for ETAs. We started it, but Shark seems to have taken ownership of all the process. He’s on the ship’s computers looking at routing software trying to figure out the “best educated guess”.   Each bet is $10 and we’re all allowed to…

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Squalls everywhere!

The night is full of squalls. Now anything can happen in this race. We lost touch with Pyewacket in the heavy rain. We were becalmed for a while. They may have passed us. Now we are on the front end of another squall with winds gusting to 30 knots shifted 35 degrees to the right.…

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Drag race to Honolulu

Date 07/07/01 Lat 26 23 North Lon 148 20West Course over ground: 264 Degrees Speed over ground: 18 knots Wind speed: 27 knots Wind direction: 062 degrees The position report this morning showed Pegasus ahead of Chance and Pyewacket. Chance is farther north and behind us probably betting on a very large and sudden right…

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