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HONOLULU – The rivalry stands at 2-0 after last weekend’s 13th annual Coastal Cup race
when Pegasus 77, a Reichel/Pugh 77, ran away from Pyewacket, an R/P 75, in
the record time of 26 hours 24 minutes 55 seconds for the Encinal Yacht
Club’s 360-nautical mile race from San Francisco to Santa Catalina Island.
With early strong winds fading to a drifter, Pyewacket dropped out 25 miles
from the finish 2 1/2 hours after Pegasus 77 had finished.

Pegasus wins 2003 Coastal Cup, sets new course record by 6.5 hours, registers boat speeds in excess of 30 knots and beats Pyewacket!

Coastal Cup 2003 Skipper’s Log Competitors: Pyewacket Designer: Reichel-Pugh 77 Sail number: 50008 Rig: Sloop LOA (ft.): 77 Draft (ft): 12.5 Beam (ft): 15 Hull color: White / Blue Yacht Club: Waikiki Yacht Club, St. Francis Yacht Club Designer: Reichel Pugh Builder: McConaghy, Sydney, Australia Year launched: 2001, turbo-charged in May 2003 Skipper: Philippe Kahn Navigator: Philippe Kahn, standing in for Mark Rudiger who is presently racing across the Atlantic Watch…

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Sunday, June 15: 13:45 Update

The race committee verified that they haven’t heard from Pyewacket yet (we hope that they are all safe), and that Pegasus broke the course record by 6.5 hours! (the course record was held before that by Larry Ellison’s Sayonara and the Alan Andrews designed Medicine Man). That must have been one of the most epic…

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Sunday, June 15th: 12:40

After a night of epic sailing with boat-speeds well in excess of 30 knots, as we approach Santa Catalina Island at Arrow Point the wind is very light. We went from holding on to our lives at 30 knots of boat speed with winds gusting to 40 at 315 degrees magnetic to 4 knots this…

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Sunday, June 15th: 06:30

It was a wild, windy and wet night. Fast and furious. With the full moon, sailing was outstanding, but quite extreme. The kind of stuff that great memories are made of. With the full moon, the big waves looked like silver mountains with the glitter of snow and ice. That was quite a sight. Around…

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Saturday, June 14th: 22:00

Pyewacket jibed and we jibed. But, now with the darkness and the big waves, we can’t see them anymore. Last we saw them, they were several miles behind. We’re both flying down the waves towards Point Conception. Point Conception, The Cape Horne of the West Coast is 60 nautical miles out and bearing 80 degrees…

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Saturday June 14th: 20:30 Update

Fast driving at sunset. Very wet and wild. The wind is gusting to 37kts and the seas are huge. We exploded a kite, but were still doing 22kts with main and stay sail alone. Steered the boat for one hour and in these conditions that is about as long as you want to drive. We…

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Saturday, June 14th: 17:25

The lead went back and forth for a while as Pyewacket put on a bigger kite than Pegasus. Then as we sailed over them and rolled them in a very tight with a good puff, they tried to match our angle and broached and got all tangled up for a while. That was our opportunity…

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Saturday, June 14th: 15:00

Well as I was the navigator on this race I figured that we’d keep it simple and instead of using the 4 redundant laptops, we’d just use one. Normally these laptops are networked, but unfortunately I tried to simplify the system. So now we are without our navigation program, Deckman for Windows, because by accident…

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Saturday, June 14th: 14:20

By 2 PM we had passed Pyewacket to Leeward, sailing lower and faster in general. I think that we anticipated the heading puffs better than they did, making small gains with each puff. Now the wind is up to 25+ knots and both boats are surfing the big North East Pacific waves seeing boat speeds…

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