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Position Update: July 9, 6:00 pm

Philippe uses MotionX-GPS HD on the iPad and is sharing with you the following track: Name: Transpacific 2011-1 Date: July 8, 2011 1:33 pm Map: View on Map Distance: 332.3 miles Elapsed Time: 26:16:28 Avg Speed: 11.8 kts Max Speed: 19.1 kts Avg Pace: 05’06” per nm Min Altitude: 0 ft Max Altitude: 0 ft…

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Transpac 2011

Click to View the Official Pegasus Results and Race Log Q and A time With Pegasus’s Philippe Kahn, Published on 07-09-2011 06:18 AM Earlier this year we got a glimpse of the past playing with the future when Philippe Kahn’s freshly remodified Alan Andrew’s 70′ came out of the shed from Southern California’s Dencho Marineand…

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Pegasus 70 team on their way to Honolulu!

We passed Catalina and just changed from the #1 jib to the #3. Doing 10 knots at 225 true. The course to Honolulu is 255 true. We are to the right of the fleet. We expect a right shift. Life is good.

A happy Pegasus Pack

A happy Pegasus Pack. A fantastic adventure. With an astounding 403 Nautical Miles in 24 hours! We at Pegasus-MotionX tried to share the adventure with all of you and give you a feel for that a fantastic sport offshore sailing is. The last great adventure!


Hawaii Magic, lush, warm not hot, soft, best surfing, trades blowing every day!  

FaceTime with Philippe in the middle of the Pacific Ocean

FaceTime from the middle of the Pacific. Arthur and Peter, my MotionX colleagues are in the office in Santa Cruz, California and get video-taped doing FaceTime between Pete’s iPhone 4 in Santa Cruz and my iPhone 4 in the middle of the Pacific Ocean one of the most isolated spots in the world. When it…

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