LOS ANGELES—The slowest elapsed time ever in 41 previous Transpacific
Yacht Races since 1906 was five minutes shy of 24 days by William Merry’s
Viking Childe, a 42-foot ketch from Long Beach, Calif., in 1939.


Pegasus 77 sailed only 265 miles in the previous 24 hours but that was 31
miles more than Pyewacket, which has endured the added pain of bearing
south away from the rhumb (direct) line in search of stronger breeze.
Pegasus 77 is now headed more directly toward the finish line 1,447 miles
away, eight miles closer than Pyewacket in the 2,225-nautical race.


LOS ANGELES—Pegasus 77 sailed farther and faster Tuesday but Pyewacket
stretched its lead in the marquee match race of the 42nd Transpacific Yacht
Race to Hawaii, a situation that has often been an anomaly of the race for
the last half-century.


LOS ANGELES—Before Sunday’s last start in the 42nd Transpacific Yacht
Race, Roy E. Disney’s Pyewacket was flying two appropriate battle flags: a
cat and a mouse.


LOS ANGELES— Roy E. Disney’s Pyewacket led Philippe Kahn’s Pegasus 77 past
the West End of Santa Catalina Island and into open ocean as the great match
race of the 42nd Transpacific Yacht Race to Hawaii unfolded Sunday.


LOS ANGELES—Get ready for match racing, Transpac style. Philippe Kahn’s
defending Barn Door winner, Pegasus 77, and Roy E. Disney’s record holder,
Pyewacket, will be the only boats starting in Division 1 of the 42nd
Transpacific Yacht Race to Hawaii Sunday, truly in a class by themselves.


HONOLULU – The rivalry stands at 2-0 after last weekend’s 13th annual Coastal Cup race
when Pegasus 77, a Reichel/Pugh 77, ran away from Pyewacket, an R/P 75, in
the record time of 26 hours 24 minutes 55 seconds for the Encinal Yacht
Club’s 360-nautical mile race from San Francisco to Santa Catalina Island.
With early strong winds fading to a drifter, Pyewacket dropped out 25 miles
from the finish 2 1/2 hours after Pegasus 77 had finished.

Pegasus wins 2003 Coastal Cup, sets new course record by 6.5 hours, registers boat speeds in excess of 30 knots and beats Pyewacket!

Coastal Cup 2003 Skipper’s Log Competitors: Pyewacket Designer: Reichel-Pugh 77 Sail number: 50008 Rig: Sloop LOA (ft.): 77 Draft (ft): 12.5 Beam (ft): 15 Hull color: White / Blue Yacht Club: Waikiki Yacht Club, St. Francis Yacht Club Designer: Reichel Pugh Builder: McConaghy, Sydney, Australia Year launched: 2001, turbo-charged in May 2003 Skipper: Philippe Kahn Navigator: Philippe Kahn, standing in for Mark Rudiger who is presently racing across the Atlantic Watch…

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Sebastian Col Leads Shark Kahn By Five Points Going Into The Final Day In Key West

With just one more day to go, the fight for supremacy in the Melges 24 fleet at Terra Nova Trading Key West 2004 is going to go all the way. Day four saw the race committee run two more excellent races despite a second day of shifty offshore winds of 12-16 knots. The completion of race seven today meant that the discard came into play and suddenly its all change on the leader board.

Melges 24 World Championship Preview

With almost 80 entries from 10 nations and 3 continents the 2001 Melges 24 World Championship, being held in association with Terra Nova Trading/Yachting Key West Race Week from 20-25 January 2002, will be the biggest Melges 24 event ever held in the USA.

Now it’s a Numbers Game

HONOLULU – The Barn Door is settled. Now comes the scramble for handicap honors. With Philippe Kahn’s Pegasus tucked safely in its slip at Ala Wai Yacht Harbor with honors secured for fastest elapsed time in the 41st Transpacific Yacht Race, several smaller boats were due to finish before the Hawaiian sun sets Tuesday. This is when a calculator becomes more important than a GPS.

Pegasus Wins Barn Door, One Hour Ahead of Pyewacket

HONOLULU – Philippe Kahn, a, French-born software developer from Santa Cruz, Calif., Monday won it on his second try when he sailed his 75-foot ultralight sloop Pegasus past the finish line off Diamond Head after 8 days 2 hours 34 minutes 3 seconds. Pegasus was an hour and three minutes ahead of Disney’s Pyewacket to climax an epochal three-way battle across 2,225 nautical miles from Los Angeles that also included Bob McNulty’s boat Chance.

Pegasus Flying Towards the Barn

HONOLULU – Pegasus increased its lead on Pyewacket over Sunday night and was 16 miles ahead with 92 miles to go at Monday morning’s roll call in the 41st Transpacific Yacht Race.

No One Asleep on the Deep on Final Night

HONOLULU – There was little change in their relative positions through the day Sunday as Pegasus, Pyewacket and Chance answered evening roll call and sailed into their final sleepless night of the 41st Transpacific Yacht Race to Hawaii.

Three-Way Sprint to a Possible Sweep

Break out the brooms. The tactical pas de trois among Pegasus, Pyewacket and Chance in the 41st Transpacific Yacht Race has taken off into a headlong sprint to the finish and a possible rare sweep for the winner.

Pegasus, Pye Even: Shanakee II a Winner in its Own Way

Shanakee II became the first boat to finish the 41st Transpacific Yacht Race to Hawaii early Saturday morning, but because of a head start on other classes it won’t win the Barn Door trophy for fastest elapsed time.

Hawaii’s Doyle Living Big Dream in Smallest Boat

Dan Doyle is almost halfway home and having the time of his life on the smallest boat in the 41st Transpacific Yacht Race to Hawaii. He could almost smell the islands as his 30-foot sloop Two Guys On the Edge soared southwest in the trade winds Friday.

Pegasus: A Bold Move Under a Full Moon

Philippe Kahn’s Pegasus slipped from first place to third in Division 1 of the 41st Transpacific Yacht Race, position reports showed Thursday, after making a tactical move south in a tight battle among the three fastest boats.

Japanese Boat SHowing the (New) Way

For Bengal II, the 41st Transpacific Yacht Race is just a way of island-hopping home. The Japanese entry sailed all the way across the Pacific to start the race and now is leading the way back along a risky route that has brought it nearer Hawaii than any of the other 24 boats in the four racing divisions

Shanakee II First in Luxury – and Looking to Finish First

Thanks to a six-day headstart, a new 75-foot sloop with all the comforts of many homes apparently will be the first boat to finish the 41st Transpacific Yacht Race to Hawaii. Housing developer Jim Warmington’s Shanakee II, a David Pedrick design, started June 25 with the Aloha Division and flew past the two-thirds mark Tuesday after reporting a position only 809 nautical miles from Honolulu.

Rub-a-Dub-Dub, Three Boats in a Tub

When the sun broke over the western Pacific Monday morning the crews of Pegasus, Chance and Pyewacket looked out on tranquil seas and saw . . . Pegasus, Chance and Pyewacket. The three super sleds were within three miles of one another virtually drifting in winds too light for stretching their legs or even dreaming of setting a record in the 41st Transpacific Yacht Race.