Pegasus wins 2003 Coastal Cup, sets new course record by 6.5 hours, registers boat speeds in excess of 30 knots and beats Pyewacket!

Pegasus 77 blasting down the waves.

Coastal Cup 2003 Skipper’s Log

Competitors: Pyewacket
Designer: Reichel-Pugh 77
Sail number: 50008
Rig: Sloop LOA (ft.): 77
Draft (ft): 12.5 Beam (ft): 15
Hull color: White / Blue
Yacht Club: Waikiki Yacht Club, St. Francis Yacht Club
Designer: Reichel Pugh
Builder: McConaghy, Sydney, Australia
Year launched: 2001, turbo-charged in May 2003

Skipper: Philippe Kahn

Navigator: Philippe Kahn, standing in for Mark Rudiger who is presently racing across the Atlantic
Watch Captain 1: Mark Christensen
Watch Captain 2: Morgan Larson
Crew: Zan Drejes, Samuel “Shark” Kahn, Sean “Doogie” Couvreux, Mo Hart, Jeff Madrigali, Mark Christensen, Brian Ledbetter, Mike Mottl, Morgan Larson, Steve Erickson, Marco Constant, Stu Bettany