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Melges 24 Gold Cup 2002

Philippe Kahn, Mark Reynolds and Pegasus Racing at the San Francisco Melges 24 2002 Gold Cup. Great sailing, great sailboat racing!    

Pegasus 77 shows great numbers

Date: Monday, July 15th Lat: 29 05 North Lon: 135 13 West Course over ground: 232 degrees magnetic Speed over ground: 17 knots   The plan to accomplish the impossible, for David to beat Goliath in other words, for Pegasus 77 to beat Zephyrus and Mari-Cha boat for boat seems now remotely possible. That is…

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A Satisfying Roll Call

Date: Sunday, July 14th Lat: 31 09 North Lon: 129 07 West Course over ground: 214 degrees magnetic Speed over ground: 17 knots   Racing sailboats that are as different in size and potential as Pegasus 77 from the huge Zephyrus or the behemoth Mari-Cha is like is radically different than racing fundamentally similar boats.…

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Pegasus 77 is Fabulous!

Date: Sunday, July 14th Lat: 31 59 North Lon: 128 05 West Course over ground: 203 degrees magnetic Speed over ground: 16 knots We loved Pegasus when we won Transpac 2001. Since the finish of Transpac 2001 we put Pegasus in her Transpac 2003 mode. That meant taking out 7000 pounds of lead out of…

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Morning Roll Call

Date: Saturday, July 13th Lat: 35 47 North Lon: 125 17 West Course over ground: 18 degrees magnetic Speed over ground: 19 knots As day broke we all waited for the 9 am PST roll call. We had lost track of our competitors and had found good wind. Fundamentally their size should make them average…

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A Thrilling Start!

We started in 20 knots. Pegasus had the better start but with our water length disadvantage, by the time we got out of the Golden Gate, both Mari-Cha and Zephyrus were significantly ahead. When we crossed the Gate, we expected a right hand shift and we stayed right. Both Mari-Cha and Zephyrus tacked and went…

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Night before the start!

The night before the start there is great appreciation for a nice quality meal. Shark was in rare form. He just decided to drink coke out of a wine glass and have it show in the team picture above and get his Dad in trouble… Not he’s only 12 and is turning to be both…

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Preparations and more Preparations!

Now is the time for last minute preparations: 13 hungry sailors will need to eat well, drink well, sleep as well as possible in order to perform. That’s a lot of planning because we don’t have refrigeration in order to save weight. In fact we carry very little water as we make water along the…

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Wednesday July 10th: Weather and Competition

We have a strong high pressure system building which should make for a good race. Forecasting precisely passed 3 days is challenging. That is one of the challenges of Pacific Cup: Being good enough meteorologists and strategists to take full advantage of changing weather patterns. We will be on the ocean for more than 7…

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Mumm 30 Worlds 2002

Mumm 30 worlds Annapolis 2002 Philippe Kahn and Pegasus Racing at the Annapolis Mumm 30 Worlds 2002. Great sailing, great sailboat racing!