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MotionX Foiling Catamaran 2013

Philippe Kahn Sailing The MotionX¬†Foiling Catamaran More Wind, Bigger Waves and a lot of Speed. This is an amazing craft: We are getting ourselves in some extreme sailing with The MotionX carbon 20 foiling cat. Once out of the water, it’s just like flying. Magical, everything gets quiet, accurate, weightless and incredibly fast!

MotionX-Foiling Catamaran Sailing, Oct 2013, Pt 3

This Sea Gull Attacks my Masthead WIndex!!! While Sailing the A-Cat, he just decided to get my Windex,. You can see me yelling at him and wiggling the boat to defend my vulnerable windex masthead wind indicator. That lasted 2 minutes!

MotionX-24/7, activity tracker and sleep monitor for the iPhone

Wearable technology and the Quantified Self movement are pretty trendy nowadays, especially since the launch of the ultra-popular Jawbone UP powered by MotionX technology. Today, Fullpower-MotionX, MotionX-24/7 for the iPhone and iPad, an activity tracker and sleep monitor optimized for the iPhone 5S M7 processor and iOS 7. Click here for the complete article at…

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Wear Them, Forget Them

A prolific inventor argues that we are on the cusp of an explosion in truly useful and unencumbering wearable devices Scientific American, July 2013 Issue Forum by Philippe Kahn Click here to read the full article in PDF format