Licking our wounds and fixing everything

When we jibed we realized that something was wrong with our mast. Putting a mate up 75 feet above the deck (yes our rig is gigantic for a 50 foot boat!) is taking their life in your hands when it is blowing 25+ with 30+ foot waves. It takes a lot of mutual trust and confidence. Crusty and David hoisted Zan up and I steered the boat, as steady and smooth as possible. Yes, sailing an average of 16.8 mph for 24 hours with a max-speed of 27 knots on the GPS takes a toll on the equipment and the team. After a couple of heavy weather jibes, we realized that something had tangled up at the top-end of the mast. All solved now, with good team work, focus and some acrobatics. With just 4 of us on board, we’re very busy and have to take some calculated risks. Now time for a dark and wet night. A good one!

Crusty is filming with his iPhone 4, Zan is on top of the mast and you see me at the end of Crusty’s clip steering.