Long Beach: Heading towards the starting line.

The start is at 1PM PST. We leave the dock at 10:30 AM so that we get there in ample time. Our last moment decisions will be which sails to take or not to take. The rule goes: “If we don’t take them, we’ll need them, if we take them we will not need them”. That’s mainly for the the very light air sails. They are typically large sails that we have to carry all the way to Honolulu, like useless furniture if we don’t use them. However, there is an exorcism quality to this decision. For now, the first 48 hours are forecasted to be wet and wild. Kanaloa welcoming us to the great Pacific Ocean. That’s good luck!

Yesterday we tested our upwind sails off Long Beach. All is well. Here is a picture of Pegasus 50 charging downwind with the industrial background of Long Beach.