Course 250° M, Speed 13 Knots, Lat 27° 38′ N, Lon 127° 32′ W

Making Tracks

Making Tracks

Tactically and strategically, we feel that we are far enough south, sitting on the 1018 isobar, hunting for that elusive 1020 and sticking to it. When we eventually find it, and when the shift is right, we’ll start jybing and surfing our way to Honolulu.

After the full night’s shift I finally got 4 hours of sleep this morning. Crusty is happy sailing the boat at day-time. He’s hopping around and getting real busy with lots of odds and ends jobs. I can hear his “paws” on the cabintop while I am trying to fall asleep.

Today I thought about the video camera on my 3GS and used it on the bow to put up a little ambiance video. I called it “Making Tracks”. It’s short and shows how it feels to sail this boat in moderate winds. She’s fast and wet.

The sky is one hundred percent overcast. No sunrise, sunset, stars or moon. It’s essentially a huge extension of the California coastal fog. For now we see it as sun-protection. We’re happy! Pegasus is making tracks towards the barn.

Making Tracks part 1

Making Tracks part 2