Course 243° T, Speed 15 Knots, Lat 26° 25′ N, Lon 133° 12′ W

Pegasus has been chewing up the miles and we are very lucky for that. Our last two days were 305 and 295 nautical miles respectfully. We like our heading with a lot of West and a bit of South in it, averaging about 255 true. Tactically and strategically we’re able to achieve our goals.

However, we never take anything for granted and keep on crunching a lot of weather information. We’ve been consistently reading 1019 on the barometer, which means that we are sailing down the 1019 isobar. We feel very comfortable with that.

At this morning’s schedule, we saw that a lot of boats were heading North. That would mean a rapidly rising barometer and ultimately a “spin into the high.” So we like what we are doing. All the automated routing programs seem to point to a Northerly track. We’re contrarians and disagree. We’ll know soon enough.

We’re settling into that routine where Crusty watches the days and I watch the nights. It’s almost like our day to day schedules! Except that we’re riding the wind fast to Paradise!

Fast Tracks on the Great Pacific Ocean