Course 220° T, Speed 11.5 Knots, Lat 28° 28′ N, Lon 125° 27′ W

A quiet and relatively slow night. Around 10 PM it became clear that the wind was backing off and that we were entering the “Pacific High doldrums ridging zone”. That means large oscillations and significant wind speed changes. These conditions don’t wear you out physically, but they do mentally. In fact it’s all about patience. At 11 PM we decided that I’d stand watch until sunrise as I tend to be the Night Owl and Crusty would pick-up during day time. In the dark.

The full moon is out, but there is 100% cloud cover, The wind is oscillating between NW and NE. It’s tough to take pictures in the dark! MotionX-GPS is guiding the way.

On watch on deck with WiFi live, we have perfectly watertight Otter cases for our two iPhone 3GS. One for each. With the new magnetic compass and iPod integration it’s awesome.

Take a look at this screen:
– The Compass points in the direction that we are travelling. (225°)
– The Blue arrow points to the finish line. (251°)
– VMG of 12.6 kts (Velocity Made Good) is the rate at which Pegasus is moving towards the finish line.

With Pegasus maintaining this VMG we will finish in 171 hours from now or just over 7 days.