Philippe Kahn, Pegasus Racing, Pacific Cup 2008

July 20, 00:01 PST

Gale warnings are up still with very big fast waves. There are puffs over 35 knots. The south bar may be breaking and we need sea-room. This is when double handed racing becomes a challenge. It would be nice to be fully crewed tonight! This boat is a handful! Fly Pegasus Fly!

July 19, San Francisco, CA

Pacific Cup 2008 Double-Handed San Francisco to Hawaii record attempt Here is our first weather chart. It’s going to be a wild, wet, and fast ride for the first 48 hours. We have a gale warning for our start and a dissipating tropical storm to the South, in between lots of wind and big waves.…

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July 18, Santa Cruz, CA

Rudi, Mark Rudiger, passed away today. We sailed over 10,000 miles together. Rudi always knows the best and fastest way to sail “all the way”. Many of us learned most of what we know, from Rudi. I learned celestial navigation, current, waves from Rudi and just the simple magic of being out there, offshore. Rudi,…

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July 16, Santa Cruz, CA

The final finishing touches before the great race: Project management:  David Giles, Bruce Mahoney, Joe Dolister, Faye Lin Onshore Pegasus Racing team: Zan Dredjes, Mark Golsh, Jana Madrigali, Paul Allen, Seth Larkin Communications: Caleb Dolister, Arthur Kinsolving Sailor’s food: Bonnie Willis