July 26, 09:30 PST, Morning Roll-Call

Sailing the Tradewinds

Roll call is the only time that we get to find out how the fleet is positioned each morning. We check in with the fleet’s relative positions and their performance. This morning we are pleased. Our tactics, strategy and hard work seem to have netted a good report: The closest fully crewed race boat is about 45 miles behind us on a similar line. Riding those squalls and a good geographic right hand shift has been of great help. There is a lot of racing left. However I am pleased to report that we are inside the course record. That’s very exciting for us.

I have been asked what gear we are using for telecommunications and navigation as well as making the blog and taking pictures for the blog.
Iridium satellite phone and Inmarsat mini dome. ICOM M802 Single Side Band.

Vetus barometer, Suunto Barometer, Panasonic Toughbook running Expedition and Deckman.

Pentax Optio W30 (Waterproof).

We have a lot of work to do. Right now we have had essentially no sleep in 24 hours and have to push the boat hard. Yet in 24 hours we could be at the dock if we push hard, and stay smart.