July 25, 19:00 PST, 390 Nautical Miles from Honolulu

Riding Down the Hawaiian Roller Coaster, 25 knots of wind, 25 knots of boat-speed!

The waves are massive and the surfs sometime last over a minute as we connect multiple waves. That’s why we do this. It’s like surfing Maverick’s except there are two of us keeping the boat perfectly balanced as we sustain boat-speeds of over 21 knots for minutes at a time. The boat just hums and the increase in speed is proportional to the increase in pitch. One of us on deck steering around these giants, the other one sleeping in the bunk in order to be able to take over in a couple of hours. You never get enough sleep, you never get enough speed.

There is only one way to get to Honolulu in style: You have to surf your way to Honolulu! Tonight is going to be a darker night than last night as the moon will rise another 30 minutes later. I’m about to go on watch. We finished eating lots of protein. Together with water and fresh oranges we’re all set for a wet and wild night.


Surf Pegasus Surf!