July 23, 23:10 PST, Night Busters rolling again

Night busters, auto-portrait. A few scratches and scars, proof that we are doing well.

Never, ever give up. It took 11 tries and then we were able to get free of this mess. We’re wet, yet warm from the pulling, pushing, grinding, cutting, name-calling, yanking, hosting, winching, towing, moving and finally succeeding. Almost, but not quite. We feel that we have a piece of the kite wrapped at the articulation between the hull and the keel. It should be safe and we’ll tell how much drag it is fairly quickly. For sure we’ll be 10 percent slower. But we’re happy. Very happy. It’s not over for us. So we hoisted our smaller kite and we just sent it! Straight down the track. This is not as fast as soon as the wind ranges under 25 knots. Right now we are sitting on 13.5 knots in 17 knots of wind. Pointing to Honolulu. We are very happy. We are the night busters!