July 23, 19:00 PST, Squall busting 950 Nautical Miles from Honolulu, bearing 60°

Squall busting on a Wednesday afternoon one thousand miles away from any landmass.

Motion is life and everything is in motion. The wind, the clouds, the waves, the swells, the squalls, everything moves. Everything is in motion all the time – always – whether we look, notice, or not. Everything is moving and there is no better place to realize that than here, where our motion needs to be in tune with everything. It’s mission critical. Especially with only the two of us. It’s about drinking enough water, it’s about managing our sleep, it’s about keeping everything going. There isn’t anyone out here to help us. Yes, we both are emergency room trained, we can put in stitches on a wet and jiggly boat (that comes in handy too often), we can dress a wound, or give ourselves and each other shots if needed (and we avoid that very carefully). But, the most important part is to avoid those extreme situations. Being ‘boat-fit’ is critical. That means being one with the motion of the waves, the wind, and the boat; moving with it all – because motion is life.

This afternoon while squall busting (punching through squalls packing more than 27 knots of wind to use their energy to move us down the track faster), a school of flying fish swarmed over the boat. They were clearly evading a predator. Usually that would be a school of tuna or a pod of dolphins. But here the mighty Pegasus was the predator, charging at 20 knots down the waves. Several landed on deck. Unfortunately no pregnant females or else we would have had tobiko for dinner! There is a huge world and universe moving under the surface. Think about those tuna eyeing those flying fish like they were in a giant sushi bar.