July 23, 15:03 PST, Half Way Across The Pacific

Richard keeping the speed up in between squalls.

We are now half way. The GPS range reads 999 Nautical Miles, and we are happy. Almost all of our systems are back to working normally after the first wild and wet 36 hours and it seems that the open ocean makes wounds and bruises heal faster. So on-board the good ship Pegasus, despite chronic sleep deprivation, all is better all the time.

Something that was really better is when we got the position reports over the HF radio. Our hard work of gybing on every reasonable shift during the night to get down in front of our competitors worked out like a charm. We now have positioned ourselves between our competition and the finish line. We are really focused on one thing: to have us double handling this 50 foot boat beat all the fully crewed bigger boats, boat for boat. Meaning, crossing the finish line first.

That’s going to be tough and exhausting. We’re up for it and looking forward to helping out from the dock in Kanehoe Bay by casting a dock line to Dave and Adrienne! A real worthy and huge goal. Let’s give it all we have!