July 22, 22:00 PST Lat, Lon, Somewhere in a squall almost half way to Honolulu!

I sleep at the navigation station so that we can get as much information as possible. Everything is low-power and runs on 12 volts.

It’s night, and a very dark night because the moon hasn’t risen yet. Around midnight we’ll get to see. With the clouds, the waves and the squalls, it looks like one of those paintings sold at tourist galleries in Waikiki. If you want to see the real thing, you’ve got to sail a thousand miles to the middle of the North East Pacific. Buying the painting is probably more cost effective! It looks “just like that.”

I’m going to catch some sleep while Richard runs the boat. It’s a perfect 20 knots, we’ve got the big kite up, and the staysail, sitting on 14 knots of boatspeed, running. In a couple of hours we’ll switch. Time to get some rest.