July 26th, 15:15 hst – lat 21 39 N, lon 156 52 W

Wild night. We hooked onto a massive squall monster, saw 32 knots of wind and sustained 18 knots of boat speed for the longest time. That coupled with a massive header completely changed our finish plans. The breeze has eased to 22-25 knots and we are sailing fast to the finish line. We are fully canted, water ballast in the back and all the weight that we can find in the boat stackedastern. This is an awesome ride towards the lighthouse.
Wind back to 30+ knots. We have Molokai as a lee-shore and we need to jibe. We decided to take a picture of ourselves before the jibe and after a wild night without sleep! Richard is taking the picture with his left hand and I am steering the boat with my right hand.