July 26th, 11:30 hst – lat 22 09 N, lon 155 29 W – Last night at sea

Last night at Sea

This is our last night at Sea. We are entering the Molokai channel. We’re seeing 15 to 20 knots, 5 to 8 knots less than usual. The wind and the weather are strange this year. The sailing is stunning: bright moon with Jupiter right at its side and massive Pacific Ocean rollers. You can understand why the sport of surfing was first conceived in Hawaii. The sport of the great Polynesian kings and navigators.

We are surfing down big waves and doing 15 knots of boat speed in 20 knots of wind. It’s the Hawaiian roller-coaster!

There are big squalls forming and with the lighter trade winds, like they have been for a few days, they are essential to sailing fast. With every squall you get pressure and shift. But beware if you exit the wrong way: a becalmed boat doesn’t go anywhere.

We’ve already jibed twice since sunrise. It is going to be a night with a lot of jibing. I better close my eyes while I can.