July 25th, 03:00 utc – lat 22 30 N, lon 150 52 W

We sailed all day trying to stay centered on the race course in order to have options as the weather patterns have been too unpredictable. So we jibed about 5 times, I can’t quite remember how many. One thing that is clear is that we are getting much better at jibing this boat. We’re having fun with it. We fill the kite on the new board before the main comes across and then when the main comes across we let the sheet fly. A slight S-turn and we’re back sailing. There are a few details involving the canting keel, the canting bow-sprit etc., but they are just a few details. Mind you, important ones, because if you miss one, things could get ugly pretty quickly. It’s been a great afternoon of sailing. The sun is very harsh, so it is physical.

There are flying fish everywhere. I bet that they see the winged Pegasus as a giant predator. The flying Fish’s evolutionary defense mechanism is to use the little wings that they developed to fly for a few hundred meters out of our way fast. And they have schools of them flying around (in flight, do they change their names to ‘a flock of flying fish’?). Amazing little critters. You can find their delicious eggs at the Sushi bar if you order Tobiko.

Tonight we have chicken with green beans. We look forward to it.

Then it will be time to hunt down a few squall monsters and ride them through the night.