A Hawaiian voyage from the Koko Head Volcano to Honolulu on the 26th of January 2007


Humpback whales migrate to Hawaii in the winter to mate and give birth. Whales were breaching everywhere during our voyage

Our Sailing Canoe is called Koa’e. She’s a 30 footer that we build using a traditional design. She’s really an ultra light trimaran that we steer with a paddle, She steers straight down the waves. In the background, the 505 is sailing higher angles, reach to reach.

The Sailing Canoe and the 505 approach Diamond head

The 505 covers a lot of ground reach to reach, but the VMG downwind is very similar as both boats continue to cross on the same or opposite jibes.

Koa’e and crew waves while the 505 reaches off-shore.

The sun sinks into the great Pacific Ocean in one of those spectacular Hawaiian sunsets

Both boats make similar ground downwind on very different angles

After rounding the Diamond Head Lighthouse and we enter the realm of Waiki.

…as the sun sinks into the great Pacific Ocean.