Wet, windy, cold and a bit wild

Date: Monday, July 7th
Time: 00:05 PST
Boat Speed: 14.1 knots
Course: 220 degrees
Wind Speed: 29 knots

The transition to the strong offshore winds came abruptly. Both boats are now on starboard tack and we’re going into the wind in a big seaway. We are carrying two reefs and waves are breaking over the boat. It’s cold, wet and windy and it will stay that way most of the night from what the satellite pictures show. For a couple of days we’re going to earn our days sailing downwind by getting tossed and banged around.

The Pyewacket team lost the start, Robbie Haines was driving the Pyewacket, while I was helming the Pegasus. When I handed the helm to Morgan, a good hour in the race we became over confident and stretched too much to windward, letting them foot to leeward and gain lots of gage to the right. Then a massive 40 degree shift happened and we fell into a wind hole. I am glad that we are learning our lessons early in this race. In some ways, this is a very similar situation as Coastal Cup. Now we have to catch them. Deja vu…All over again!