Sunday, July 6th

Crusty (Mark Christensen) has done a great job during the last 6 months managing the Transpac efforts, among other projects. We must remember that the logistics in successfully campaigning a state-of-the-art 77 feet offshore racer are extremely complex. But then we can’t lose sight of racing. With Pegasus Racing, we race all the time. We race small one-design boats like Finns, Star, 29ers, 49ers or Melges 24s, because with a minimum of logistics you get to really race competitively with the best in the world. Then, its a matter of applying those skills to the big boat.

So the morning of the start here is what the logistics look like:

08:30am – Meet at the reception, to hand over bags to be shipped by container to Honolulu
10:00am – Meet at boat
10.30am – Leave dock
12:00pm – Start sailing and tuning up

We decided that the starting positions would be as follows

Helm: Philippe
Tactics: Morgan
Runner: Madro
Mainsheet: Adam
Main Caddy: Shark
Trimmer: Mike
Trimmer: Stevie
Floater: Mikey
Pit: Zan
Mast: Richard
Mid-bow: Doogie
Bow: Juggy

Rudi is free to do whatever is necessary.

First alternate helm is: Morgan
First alternate main is: Stevie