Saturday July 12th, 14:45 HST

Lat: 22 North
Lon: 148 West

Around the 14:00 HST race organization roll, call Pyewacket’s private jet called the Pyewacket on the SSB. The planes call sign was “Shamrock” and they were overseeing our portion of the race-course having most competitors around lat 22 North and lon 150 West in sight. Pyewacket responded with a lat/lon position to look to and a dialog was initiated. It’s neat to see the Pyewacket yacht talking to the Pyewacket jet. This all reminded me of how airplanes and sailboats are similar in many ways, share the same physics as well as the same communication technologies. Sailboats and airplanes are all about foils, lift, drag, apparent airflow. Wireless communications from a sailboat and from a modern jet depend on satellites. So a jet, the fastest mode of transportation, and a sailboat, the slowest mode of transportation share a lot. Humans always dream of sailing and flying.

All day we saw whales breaching, Dolphins, lots of flying fish and even had a squid wash-up on deck. Its quite hot, 85 deg F down bellow and much hotter in the sun. Grinding every wave forces fluid and electrolyte replacement almost constantly. We’ve got powdered Gatorade that we mix into the water made with our Spectra water-maker. It seems like there is constantly someone mixing Gatorade. Its like a busy bar on Saturday nights in the Marina in San Francisco, except we only mix Gatorade with water and the bar-tender doesn’t get tips.