Friday, July 11th: 21:30 HST

Doogie doing his rig-check at sunset before the night. Yes we are heading West... Right in the direction of the sunset.

Lat: 21 North
Lon: 144 West

Superlative sailing with an extraordinary sunset. We had the visit of a pod of small size friendly Dolphins. We even saw a few sea-bars. Yet we’re still more than 750 miles from the Hawaiian Islands.

‘We’re bracing for the night. We wouldn’t be surprised to see Pyewacket make some gains at the morning report. That”s because we are going to be sailing conservatively while they are going to need to be taking risks.

The satellite pictures seem to show us that the squall activity is minimal tonight. We still have to be on the lookout. If we just get on the wrong side of a squall we could get passed.

Beautiful night sailing. Fly Pegasus fly!


Sunset sailing the winds of Paradise