Sunday, June 15th: 12:40

After a night of epic sailing with boat-speeds well in excess of 30 knots, as we approach Santa Catalina Island at Arrow Point the wind is very light. We went from holding on to our lives at 30 knots of boat speed with winds gusting to 40 at 315 degrees magnetic to 4 knots this morning at 175 degrees magnetic sailing along with the code zero at 6 knots of boat speed yes, 50% faster than the wind). What a fabulous ride and what a great Father’s Day. Nice to have had Shark there. He’s got stories to tell now for a lifetime, with speed, breaking waves, huge endless surfs through multiple waves. Maybe most of all a great team of friends and super-star sailors.

We crossed the finish line at 12:24:55 PM and a record run we are told. We haven’t heard of our competitor yet. There is no way that they could have passed us. We now know that we made the right calls and sailed very well. What a team! We didn’t have a single crash all night and we went the right way. Nice race team Pegasus Racing!

After a wild, fast, and wet night, light air sailing towards the finish line, upwind, in the Catalina eddy. We made the right call!