Sunday, June 15: 13:45 Update

The race committee verified that they haven’t heard from Pyewacket yet (we hope that they are all safe), and that Pegasus broke the course record by 6.5 hours! (the course record was held before that by Larry Ellison’s Sayonara and the Alan Andrews designed Medicine Man). That must have been one of the most epic races. So short and yet so much happened. What a nice way to set the mono hull record from San Francisco to Santa Catalina (Los Angeles). This was the first time that we lined up again with Pyewacket after our victorious Transpac 2001. Now we need to dry up all the gear and get ready for Transpac 2003. More than 30 knots of boat speed!!!! Wow!

Post Scriptum: Pyewacket retired from the race after reporting a position over 5 hours behind Pegasus. We’ve competed with Pyewacket twice and have a perfect scorecard. It will be a challenge to maintain that score during Transpac. Although we beat them in 2001 they are the holders of the record, therefore favored to win. We’ll need to get lucky again. But it seems that the harder the Pegasus Racing team works, the luckier we get!

After the wildest and wettest rides, drying up at the dock in San Pedro