Saturday June 14th:

We have a great team, but we have a new team. Four of our Transpac team members are racing across the Atlantic: Mark Rudiger our navigator, Mickey Joubert, Richard Clark and Juggy. We have great sailors on Pegasus 77 but I am no replacement for Mark Rudiger and with our competition Pyewacket having their full team, they have a clear advantage. My personal navigation skills are quite basic. This is the first time that we will be racing Pegasus 77 in full Transpac 2003 mode. After winning Transpac 2001 and beating Pyewacket, we turbo charged Pegasus for Transpac 2003. In fact according the Reichel-Pugh VPP all things being equal over the Transpac 2001 course we would have gotten to Honolulu about 14 hours faster. That is a huge difference and the Coastal Cup 2003 is our first race in the full turbo-charged configuration and the second time that we race Pyewacket after our victorious Transpac 2001.