Saturday, June 14th: 22:00

Dusk and its windy and wet. Flying in the darkness at 25 kts sustained, the adrenaline is pumping

Pyewacket jibed and we jibed. But, now with the darkness and the big waves, we can’t see them anymore. Last we saw them, they were several miles behind. We’re both flying down the waves towards Point Conception. Point Conception, The Cape Horne of the West Coast is 60 nautical miles out and bearing 80 degrees magnetic. Now the challenge is going to be to get through the channel Islands without hitting a wind hole. Peter Isler and Robbie Haines, are both natives of the LA area. How will we stop them from passing us with all of their local knowledge. Mark Rudiger, we miss you! We have to sail fast through the night. Our decision is to stay out in the big breeze and over stand the islands significantly, anticipating much lighter winds and a weak Catalina eddy. Fly Pegasus fly!

Its hard work trimming down every wave in the big breeze.