Betting on ETAs

500 Miles out as customary on-board Pegasus we started a betting pool for ETAs. We started it, but Shark seems to have taken ownership of all the process. He’s on the ship’s computers looking at routing software trying to figure out the “best educated guess”.

Shark the bookie, managing the ETA time sheets!

Shark the bookie, managing the ETA time sheets!


Each bet is $10 and we’re all allowed to place three bets, winner takes it all. I have found that it can be better not to win this pool as once at our home Waikiki Yacht Club (one of the two best yacht clubs in the world!), the winner is going to have to take care of the bar tabs for everyone, far exceeding the size of the betting pool!

But of course Shark says: “I can’t go to the bar, so I get to keep it all”. I think that he’s been thinking of getting a laser and that may get him partly there. In any case, the flying white horse is smelling the barn. Luckily we have maintained our position at the last reporting.

Fly Pegasus, fly through the night!

Night is coming down, and it looks like we’re going to have more squalls.
Pyewacket is much more experienced than we are and we will need to sail hard
and relentlessly all night to attempt to keep our lead.

Fly Pegasus, fly, talk to the wind… Fly Pegasus, fly!!!!!