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Friday July 14th

Position: Lat: 37 33 North Lon: 123 10 West, Course Over Ground: 230 true, Speed Over Ground 12 knots Skipper’s notes: We won the start and gained an advantage on both “Taxi Dancer” and “Rage,” our main competitors. As we headed out of the Golden Gate we got in phase with the wind shifts, crossed…

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Thursday July 13th

Position: Latitude: 38 N Longitude: 122 W, St. Francis Yacht Club Skipper’s notes: The whole team is putting the last finishing tones to what is a fantastic picture. There is a lot to be done: Sails to go fast in all conditions, rig, food to feed 12 hungry and busy sailors for up to 10…

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Weather forecast as of Wednesday, July 12, 2000

Summary 1) High pressure will continue well to the west of San Francisco which will leave the race route vulnerable to light winds a) conditions will be quite light for Pacific Cup starters today and Thursday once they are 10 miles or more offshore b) NW winds will be more favorable and closer to the…

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