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Transpac 2011

Sailing Team: Philippe Kahn Mark “Crusty” Christensen Bruce Mahoney Curtis Florence Darren Jones David Giles Hayden Goodrick Jeff Madrigali Mark Golsh Seth Larkin Zan Drejes Boat Project Management: Zan Drejes, Bruce Mahoney, David Giles Onshore Pegasus Racing team: Zan Drejes, David Gilles, Bruce Mahoney, Mark Golsh, Jana Madrigali, Seth Larkin, Cameron MacDonald, Rich McCarthy, Jade…

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‎0600 PDT

Position is: 23 20 N, 153 24 W TWD 072 @ 15, Swell 2 m from NW, Sky 80 clear, 1019mb 275 Nautical Miles to Honolulu

Transpac 2011

 Philippe Kahn, Pegasus Racing, Sailing the Transpac 2011