Philippe Kahn, Pegasus Motionx, Racing the Transpac 2009


From what we can tell, with our electrical back, around 9 am PST ( 6 am HST) is a good guess for our finish, just inside 8 days, something like 7 day, 20 hours and something. Sunrise in the Molokai channel. There is still a lot of sailing to be done. That’s a reasonable guess.


Update: We expect/hope to be fully recovered by Noon. Then we’ll jibe for a lay-line to the tip of Molokai and have our final jibe there. Trying to minimize jibes. Big relief.


Progress: Sailing along fast. Found faulty regulator and alternator. Good start. Thank you for all the great support!

Down to flashlighs

All down – Down to flashlighs, mechanical compass and add-on batteries for iPhone MotionX and hand held iridium. Trying to fix.

MotionX-GPS Waypoint: Night falling, batteries not charging

Hello, Philippe uses MotionX-GPS on the iPhone 3G and is sharing with you the following waypoint: Pitch black night, pure feel sailing in 20+ knots. Crusty working fixing batteries now. Name: Night falling, batteries not charging Date: Jul 11, 2009 11:10 pm Location: Latitude: 23º 16′ 58″ N Longitude: 151º 48′ 20″ W Altitude: 0…

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Just enough power to send emails.

Just enough power to send emails. We have not regained anything yet. Lost some more. Dark and squalls with no electrical – Bad. Safe but bad.