July 13th, 2007

All is good with the Pegasus. Except for the electronics. In the last couple of days we found challenges in interfacing our computers to the real-time sensor network that gives us wind, speed and position information. So I’ve been a bit hand’s on trying to fix this one and let Richard focus on the preparation of the boat above decks. My goal is to get things working below deck.

Yesterday morning finally decided to rip out all the computer systems in the boat and replace them with two laptops. By Midnight, we were happy every thing worked again and was stable. I spent the rest of the night working on the system. With a a few early morning business commitments I decided to start practicing sleep depravation < smile> . I’ll have to take the night watches now…

The weather pattern is still unsettled. Either slightly North of the Great Circle (the shortest distance between two points on a sphere) or very South sailing a lot of extra miles to find some more wind. That would be a lot of extra miles to sail. The open Ocean is usually windier than what the computer models forecast. So how much more wind can you get by going South? Is that enough to sail 350 to 500 extra miles?

Decisions, decisions!